This year was a very busy year (aren't they all?) here at Paradise Horror.

This year we tried to have a loose theme of H.G.Well's

The Idea was to build a Vortex Tunnel to be used as a time machine then after exiting the time machine you would be in the setting of "Food of the God's" We built a giant rat, a wasp nest complete with 10 inch long wasp's, and we were able to re-use the snake from the swamp.

All was good until the ToT's went through the vortex,It was such a hit I don't think that even when I pointed out the wasp nest over there head or the giant rat they were still talking and thinking about the tunnel.

O well with estimated 7-800 people that we had this year I will still call it a success I will share a few photo's here .Hope you enjoy.



This year we started an urban sprawl of our own the spider web went between our house and the neighbors (shhhhhhhhh don't tell them) And the gargoyle was retired from his place on the garage roof due to old age and his spot was taken by the devil himself



A new spider for the web this year And we added some fencing for the graveyard this year .Worked very well at keeping the ToT's out of the stones.It does not show well but this year we used low voltage spot lights with color len's in the graveyard worked very well.



A day time shot of the graveyard .You can see our bucky grave digger.



We had a driver for the paradise horror grave digger truck.

And a very poor photo of some people enjoying the vortex tunnel (hard to get photo's in there)



Two of the "Food of the God's " critters.

The wasp nest was animated with a crank system so that 4 wasp's would "fly" up and down as the breeze would make them sway side to side.then there were another 10 wasp's placed on the hive and attached to the house.

The rat had LED's that were placed inside ping pong ball's.




The hot tub was lighted with a green flood and looked VERY cool in the dark.And a photo looking at the retired gargoyle from years past due to off season damage .I hope to have a new and improved version for next year.




The old wall crawler is still up and hanging around from many years past.And we are roasting a severed head this year.



As you entered the house you saw the "Lab" and the good doctor working on some dastardly project.





please feel free to get comfortable.And see what might be on the menu at the fish fry tonight.